Half the time your students have their nose in their phone or laptop. It's true for so many of us - not just students. The tools available to us today are life changing and that includes the way we manage our money.

While your students are focused on the screen have them spend a little time focused on their budget - with these 5 websites to help them manage their finances.


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Financial Literacy: No Longer Just a Hobby

According to MarketWatch, the average 2015 4-year graduate walked down the aisle to grab their diploma with $35,051 in student loan debt

Being financially smart is no longer just for the finance majors or something that can wait for later in life.

Schools that purchase Cohort Management Essentials or use ScholarNet® could bring behavior-changing financial literacy to their campus at no-cost with GradReady®

Learn more about GradReady and see how the knowledge gained could help students make better financial decisions.