What is CDR Snapshot reporting?

CDR-snapshot-logo-finalCDR Snapshot reporting is a revolutionary new way for schools to track and measure their Cohort Default Rate at any point within the repayment period. Using the School Portfolio Report that schools request through NSLDS, the Snapshot computes data and turns it into vital information for Cohort Default Rate management. 

Safe (see our data protection standards on the right) and free with no strings attached, use of CDR Snapshot is a great first step in building a default prevention strategy.

Get your CDR Snapshot See the information included in the report | Go to NSLDS


Steps to Getting your CDR Snapshot 


Untitled_design_(23) Visit CDRSnapshot.nseds.com & complete the form


document.fw Upload your School Portfolio Report.
Directions to getting the School Portfolio Report. 


general-icons-37.fw Receive, by email in 1 business day, your CDR Snapshot