A neat, readable, sortable LRDR: The first step to CDR challenges and appeals.

What is a Loan Record Detail Report (LRDR)?
An LRDR is an NSLDS file that contains information about your student loan borrowers in the cohort.

Why is it important to review?
When calculating a Cohort Default Rate, it's possible that data in the LRDR is incorrect. Reviewing the document and finding inaccuracies can shave points off your Cohort Default Rate.

Steps to compare:

  1. Download the LRDR File Converter.

  2. Depending on your MS Excel settings, you may receive questions about enabling content. Click the Enable Editing and Enable Content buttons to enable macros in the LRDR File Converter if you are asked.

  3. Pull in your LRDR from NSLDS as a .txt files and open it in Notepad.

  4. Copy (Ctrl+C) the entire file except for the header and the trailer, the final row. You may see more than one header row if you have multiple branches. 
    • Click in front of the first borrower/loan record line.
    • Press Ctrl+Shift+End on your keyboard
    • Press Shift and while holding the Shift key, press the up arrow to eliminate the trailer record.

  5. Make sure you're in the Paste tab (found at the bottom of the converter), Paste (Ctrl+V) the date from Notepad into the LRDR File Converter in cell A1.

  6. Click on the Buttons tab of the LRDR File Converter and click the Run LRDR Formatting button.